Coffin Tattoos

Coffin Tattoo

Coffin Tattoo

Coffin tattoo designs are a reminder of our mortality and that we are all not long for this world. At the end of Life, Death waits for all of us, and short of cremation, we are all food for worms. Interestingly enough, in many initiation ceremonies, the initiate is placed inside a coffin as if to symbolize their death, and when they are removed from the coffin it is a ritualistic re-birth. The entering and the leaving of the coffin is a rite of passage representing the death of the old personality and resurrection of an individual with a new status and rank.

Coffin Tattoo Design

Coffin Tattoo Design

For those with a fascination for Vampires and other dark Gothic imagery, the Coffin is of course the resting place for Dracula and all Vampires. These so-called living dead or undead – who cannot withstand the light of day or the rays of the sun and who may only roam freely at night and under the cover of complete darkness.

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